How to Study Chemistry to Score Good Marks in NEET Exam

How to Study Chemistry to Score Good Marks in NEET Exam

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is crucial for those entering the medical domain. Chemistry, one of NEET’s triad subjects, holds substantial weight. This piece will guide you on mastering chemistry for the NEET exam, spotlighting high-scoring areas, and offering strategies for optimum preparation.

Chemistry’s vastness can be overwhelming, especially for NEET preparations. A systematic approach is indispensable to navigating its intricate reactions and elements. Instead of getting entangled in its complexities, the right strategy can ensure you comprehend the core concepts while maximizing your score. Read on to discover the blend of understanding and scoring in Chemistry for NEET.

How to Study Chemistry to Score Good Marks in NEET Exam

1. Know the Chemistry Syllabus & Marks Weightage

To effectively prepare for NEET Chemistry, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the syllabus and the marks allocated to each topic. Such knowledge allows you to strategize, concentrating on high-scoring chapters. While all topics deserve attention, understanding the weightage ensures you don’t neglect sections with significant scoring potential. 

The aim isn’t to sideline lesser weightage topics but to ensure mastery over the crucial areas. By balancing your preparation based on weightage, you optimize your study efforts for a well-rounded and efficient approach to NEET Chemistry.

2. Read NCERT TextBook

In the landscape of NEET exam preparation, the NCERT textbook stands tall and pivotal, much like the ‘Gita’ in our cultural ethos. A staggering 90% of questions posed in the NEET exam have their foundation either directly or are influenced by concepts elaborated within the pages of the NCERT. Therefore, immersing yourself deeply in each chapter becomes paramount as an aspirant. 

It’s beneficial to meticulously underline salient points, make annotations, and jot down pivotal reactions and formulas. A systematic approach to this textbook ensures clarity of concepts and arms you with confidence as you approach the examination.

3. Create a Topic-wise Timetable

In the context of NEET preparation, time is as precious as gold. It’s imperative to chalk out a meticulous, subject-specific schedule, paying special attention to those tricky chapters that demand extra effort. Allocate more hours to such topics, ensuring they become your strength rather than a weakness. Beyond just creating this timetable, the unwavering commitment to following it makes all the difference. 

Regularity, after all, is the cornerstone of academic success. In the vast ocean of NEET Chemistry, staying anchored to a consistent study routine ensures you navigate the challenges smoothly and efficiently.

4. Prepare Referring to Previous Year’s and Mock Texts

An indispensable element of effective NEET exam preparation is delving into past years’ question papers and rigorously attempting mock tests. These serve as invaluable resources, shedding light on the exam’s intricate patterns and various questions posed over the years. By immersing themselves in these, aspirants get a genuine feel of the examination ambiance, allowing them to strategize better. 

Moreover, it fine-tunes one’s time management skills, a critical component during the exam. Analyzing performance in these tests also mirrors areas where the student shines and segments that need added emphasis and revision. Making these tests a core part of one’s preparation strategy paves the way for a more informed and confident approach to NEET.

5. Practice Problems

In Chemistry, mastering the numerical facet demands unwavering dedication and continuous practice. With every problem you wrestle with, you expand your understanding and familiarize yourself with the diverse array of questions that can emerge. Such rigorous practice is akin to sharpening a blade: with each successive problem, you enhance your solution speed and boost the precision of your answers. 

Both speed and accuracy stand as twin pillars that underpin success in NEET. Therefore, by dedicating consistent hours to solving varied problems, you’re laying a robust foundation, ensuring you’re well-equipped to tackle any challenge the NEET examination throws at you.

6. Revise Day-to-Day

Revising daily is the secret sauce to retaining complex chemical concepts. Dedicate the last couple of hours each day to revise whatever you’ve learned. This strengthens memory recall, ensuring that you remember reactions and formulas during the exam.


Chemistry can seem daunting, but with the right strategy, it can be the subject that gives you an edge in the NEET. The journey of NEET exam preparation is demanding, but the fruits it bears make every effort worth it.

Choose the Right College/Coaching Center for NEET

Lastly, the guidance of experts can make a world of difference. Selecting the right new NEET long-term coaching center or college is paramount. For instance, BVK Group has branches in Tirupati, Vijayawada, Nellore, and another in Tirupati and has been known to provide stellar coaching for NEET aspirants. The right mentor can make your journey smoother and more fruitful.

Preparing for Chemistry in NEET is a combination of discipline, strategy, and consistent effort. And remember, every drop of effort you put in now will decide the ocean of success you achieve later. All the best!


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