Strategies for Weak or Below Average Students to Crack IIT-JEE

Strategies for Weak or Below Average Students to Crack IIT-JEE

IIT-JEE is one of India’s toughest entrance exams for 12th science students. It attracts many aspirants from all over the country who dream of getting into top engineering colleges.  

The common notion is that IITs and top engineering colleges accommodate only outstanding and brilliant brains. Though, it’s not correct.  To crack IIT-JEE, consistent practice, perseverance, and disciplined study pattern play a significant part regardless of intelligence. The right JEE preparation tips, JEE coaching, and JEE exam training institute can make the JEE preparation for average students an accessible and achievable target. With the right mindset and focused practice, the IIT-JEE preparation for an average student can be result-oriented. A weak and below-average student can crack JEE exam and secure a seat in a top-notch engineering college. 

Why Crack IIT-JEE Exam?

JEE Mains and JEE Advance preparation open the door to the finest engineering colleges and IITs, which eventually turn into a lucrative career opportunity. Intelligent students get an edge over the average students in understanding the JEE course, increasing their chances of grabbing prospective engineering opportunities.  If you want to make a career in engineering, cracking JEE is crucial. It demands a systematic and rigorous study routine from all JEE aspirants, regardless of intelligence or average brain. Every JEE aspirant must have a consistent approach towards hard work, disciplined study, and rigorous practice to crack the IIT- JEE exam.

After cracking JEE Mains and JEE Advance, you can land in IITs and the best engineering colleges that offer excellent educational opportunities, cutting-edge research facilities, and placement opportunities. 

Here 7 tips for JEE preparation for average students to navigate to success and crack JEE

Exact Study Plan

Average students need the right preparation strategy to focus on conceptual understanding and practicing questions regularly. Consistent study strives for you to achieve better every day. Never miss JEE coaching classes and consistently study as per schedule without distraction. All homework and assignments should be done on time to sync with the syllabus. Never allow procrastination to creep into your habits. 

Begin with fundamentals and win easy goals in prescheduled time. This consistent study will boost your confidence to go for complex problems.  Allocate more time to the subject you are weak on and track your progress. Create a balanced study schedule and allot sufficient time for regular practice and revision to avoid a last-minute rush. 

The expert guidance of the JEE coaching and JEE exam training courses can help weak and below-average students clear their doubts and overcome their weak areas.  

Set Preparation Goals

Start with small goals and objectives and then gradually move on to advance the topics. Don’t be in a rush. Give sufficient time to concept-building and mastering subjects.

Consistency is crucial to keep moving in the JEE Advance preparation journey with the right amount of inspiration and motivation. Stick to a study schedule that covers all the topics of the JEE syllabus. Familiarize yourself with the JEE exam pattern and syllabus. A core understanding of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics is crucial for JEE preparation for an average student. Divide your day between studying, practicing, and revising the studied topic. Solve diverse questions in a stipulated time to enhance speed and accuracy. Adopt step by step approach and overcome challenges in each stage to clear off the road to success. 

Focus on Basics and Toughness

JEE Main and JEE Advance question papers have different difficulty levels and question patterns for the vast Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics syllabus. Some questions may be easy, and some require in-depth knowledge and critical thinking. The average student requires a deep understanding of principles and strong problem-solving skills to crack the intense competition. Consistent study and adequate practice are essential to master all the key concepts. To surpass the difficulty level of the JEE exam, individual approach, mental toughness, and preparation level play a significant part and win the half battle already. The expert guidance of JEE coaching and training institute covers the vast syllabus within a strict timeline, leaving lots of scope for revision and doubt-clearing sessions. The expert JEE coaching institutes recommend essential topics and chapters with subject-wise weightage in JEE exams. They also provide the proper resources and ample practice materials, starting from basic to complex levels. 

Constant Time Management

Consistency and dedicated effort can overcome all challenges and remove all distractions and pessimism that hamper the JEE Mains preparation. Stick to daily study routines and practices. Rigorously follow the study schedule of concept building, practicing questions, and revision cycles. Time management is crucial during JEE exam. You need to practice as many questions as possible to solve many questions quickly and accurately in the exam. Time management ensures that you complete all sections within a strict timeline. 

Sometimes students get panic and quit the JEE preparation because they are stuck on complex topics. They need doubt clearance and a strong foundation in the concepts and principles. Good quality study materials, JEE coaching, and JEE exam training can help them to structure and manage JEE Mains preparation effectively. They develop the skill of solving many questions quickly and accurately. 

Practice Mock Tests

Mock tests and previous years’ question papers help you become familiar with the exam pattern, question types, and complexity of questions. You can manage your time effectively by attempting every question so that no question is left unanswered. A mock test is an excellent way to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can work on weak areas to improve them through focused practice. Mock tests assess your progress and give you an idea to proceed in the JEE exam with time constraints and performance pressure.  Mock test reviews and evaluate your progress regularly. 

Spot Doubts Clarification

Focus on understanding the fundamental principles and doubt clearance to build a strong understanding of the core concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Doubt clearance gives you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses and reinforces your learning. Any confusion in the concept can be dangerous and enhance the difficulty level of the question. Clear all your doubts and analyze your mistake during JEE preparation to improve your performance in the actual exam. Guidance from teachers, mentors, or coaching institutes helps in understanding complex concepts.

Mentorship and Guidance

A well-planned study routine and conducive environment motivate you to strive for better daily. Proper guidance and mentoring help average students immensely to hold the perseverance and grit for the most challenging JEE Mains preparation. JEE coaching and JEE exam training assist weak and below-average students tremendously and keep them motivated throughout the JEE Mains preparation process. They provide sufficiently curated content and resources for JEE Advance preparation per the exam syllabus. An average student requires the proper planning and direction to put all effort into the right path to crack JEE. With consistent practice and a positive mindset, students can crack JEE Mains and JEE Advanced with good scores. 


Cracking IIT-JEE is a challenging feat but possible. Regular learning, revisions, and perseverance are significant factors to crack any exam in life. An average student has to put in more effort to past their mental limitation, which can be attained with hard work, consistency, perseverance, and expert guidance.

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